Why Driving Distracted Is Considered A Criminal Offense


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Though sometimes accidents just happen and are truly accidents (for example, in cases of inclement weather), many car accidents and motor vehicle accidents can be avoided. These avoidable accidents also lead to the serious injury or even death of drivers as well as passengers, and are nothing if not life changing. They also cause expensive damage that isn’t always covered by insurance, and leave people without their main modes of transportation.

One of the main causes of motor vehicle accidents today is distracted driving. Distracted driving entails simply that, driving while not focusing on the road and the actual process of driving. In our age of technology, distracted driving is most frequently caused by some type of electronic, particularly a cell phone. Cell phones, even when hooked up to a hands free calling device, cause more distracted driving than anything else. And distracted driving is unfortunately prevalent in the United States, as well as other places in the world. At any given moment in the United states there are more than 600,000 drivers who are driving while otherwise distracted because they are using a cell phone or another electronic device. Driving distracted has been proven to be able to cause a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time, as looking down at your phone for a mere five seconds while going at least 55 miles per hour means that you will cover the length of a football field before you are focused on the road again.

Duii allegations are another significant cause of motor vehicle accidents. Duii allegations have been a growing problem in the United States, and duii allegations can lead to a loss of life – or freedom – for both the victims and the drunk driver themselves. A duii allegation is considered a criminal matter, and can happen any time a blood alcohol of more than .08 is detected while someone is driving. And duii allegations often happen to repeat offenders. In fact, a habitual drunk driver is likely to drive drunk or under the influence at least eighty times before they are pulled over for the first time.

These driving offenses are criminal matters, and should be handled by a practiced attorney. A duii law firm can help both victims and perpetrators of a duii related incident, and duii attorneys can help to navigate the legal world.

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