10 Basic Things to Know About Law and Attorney Specializations


The term ‘law’ is vast and describes an array of different fields and subdivisions. If you desire to become a lawyer, you will have a ton of possibilities to choose from. These are some of the law fields available and basic things to know about the law.

1. Landlord and Tenant Law Is Touchy

An entire branch of law exists that deals with landlord and tenant issues. Problems like failure to pay rent and breaking lease agreements exist in this realm of law. A landlord-tenant lawyer can work for either side of this coin. They can defend a tenant who wants to avoid eviction or help a landlord to prove why a tenant has broken a lease.

Some reasons for breaking a lease include subleasing, violating noise ordinances, or having illegal substances inside an apartment dwelling. This type of lawyer may also get involved in lease creation. He or she might also advise a new landlord about the different regulations they’ll need to cover in their lease agreements.

There are many roles and responsibilities a landlord tenant lawyer might handle. The eviction process varies in each state. Some evictions can take as long as 90 days, while others might only take less than a week.

A landlord-tenant attorney can help to improve someone’s life by fighting for them if they have an issue with paying their rent. Tenants who need help must be sure to contact an attorney of this type long before the sheriff serves papers for them to vacate the premises. One should never go to an eviction hearing alone. He or she should always hire an attorney to assist with this type of situation. Thus, one of the essential things to know about the law is that an attorney can prevent an eviction.

2. No Charge Is Too Small for a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Another one of the basic things to know about the law is that no accusation is too small to defend with the help of a reliable criminal lawyer. Even misdemeanors and petty offenses should have a lawyer’s representation. Anyone who gets accused of such an offense will have to worry that they may have to pay fines, go to jail, or stay on probation for years. Aside from that, a criminal conviction can affect a person’s reputation in their community. It can also cause that person not to get the desired job or an apartment they would like to live in.

A criminal lawyer can help in several ways. The first thing this attorney can do is question the entity that accused the defendant. Not all police officers follow proper protocol when they make arrests. Some don’t even read the defendants their rights. That gives such defendants a way to have the case dismissed. In situations where the claims don’t get dismissed, an attorney can still assist a defendant by defending that individual in court.

They will fight to make the accused party prove that their accusations were correct. Thus, they will have to present evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the defendant was guilty of doing whatever the complaint says. If they cannot do that, the defendant can possibly be acquitted of the crime. An attorney can still help in cases where an exoneration is not possible. The lawyer can assist by requesting that the judge issue an alternative punishment. For example, he or she may ask for community service instead of jail time or probation instead of community service. There are also first-time-offender programs that an attorney can request a judge issue.

No person accused of a criminal offense should try to represent himself or herself in court. The reason is that courthouses tend to railroad people who don’t have a professional in their corner. That’s one of the basic things to know about the law. Most situations are better off with an attorney’s assistance.

3.Lawyers Can Help With Immigration Problems

An immigration lawyer can save the day for someone living in another country. They can also assist with the paperwork necessary to convert a person to a citizen in the country. These types of specialist function in several ways. First, they can consult with a person about his or her rights, and they are good to talk to if someone doesn’t quite understand the immigration process or regulations. In some cases, people receive denials on their citizenship applications, and an immigration lawyer can also help with that type of situation.

Furthermore, they can assist with helping immigrants to find jobs and any tasks involved in assisting them with working comfortably. The best immigration lawyer will have years of experience and a track record that shows success in helping people in need. This fact is another one of the basic things to know about law.

4. Probate Lawyers Are Necessary After a Death

A probate lawyer is a crucial attorney who can assist family members after a loved one passes away. They play a part in helping family members to sort out who gets what when it comes time to distribute the property. Probate lawyers can get the process to move quickly so that all family members can handle their loved one’s affairs.

5. Workers’ Compensation Is a Right

You may not have known this, but most workers are entitled to receive workers’ compensation. This benefit is available to employees who work for companies that have more than a few employees. The workers need to be actual employees of the business, not contractors or third parties. Part-time and full-time workers have the same eligibility for this benefit. Workers’ compensation provides monetary benefits to employees who get hurt on the job. It covers a variety of injuries, such as burns, bruises, broken arms, cuts, etc. Occupational diseases and work-related mental health issues are also covered in many states.

Each employer typically has a process that workers need to follow if they want to report their injuries. The injured employees then need to visit a doctor to assess their ability to perform work. The insurance company decides on the outcome of the benefit request after reading the doctor’s notes and incident report. A work injury compensation lawyer will help a worker who receives a denial of this benefit.

This type of lawyer will fight to get the initial decision overturned. Also, a workers’ compensation attorney usually handles personal injury cases as well. Personal injury cases differ from worker’s compensation cases because they involve fault. They also involve much higher settlements. Thus, this type of attorney might advise his or her client to choose personal injury if it appears neglect caused that worker to get injured.

One essential thing to know about the law is that individual injury cases can settle for hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases. Another thing to note is that both a workers’ compensation attorney and a personal injury attorney are likely to offer contingency representation. Contingency representations freeze the required representation payments until the lawyer wins the case for the client. That relieves some of the burden on the injured parties so they can recover from their injuries while the case proceeds. Some workers’ compensation settlements have back pay included in them. Personal injury settlements are usually large and can be more than enough for a plaintiff to use to get his or her life back together.

6. Mothers Don’t Always Win Custody Battles

One essential thing to know about the law is that women don’t always win custody battles. They used to be highly favored in the court systems as the parents who should nurture the children. Now, the courts conduct a more thorough analysis of each parent’s life to determine the child’s best interest. Custody lawyers can assist in these matters. They can work hard to paint their client in the best light when two people battle over custody.

Alternatively, these lawyers can help parents to reach amicable agreements about raising their children. For example, joint custody is one arrangement two parents might decide for their children. Various joint custody arrangements exist, but the most common is the type where the child goes to live with one parent during a particular part of the year and the other for the rest of the year.

These types of lawyers can also help custodial and non-custodial parents to come up with reasonable visitation arrangements. Children need to spend time with their non-custodial parents so that they can be nurtured healthily. Attorneys can present these arrangements and can also act as mediators in this situation for parents who have trouble being amicable with each other.

7. Many People Qualify for Personal Injury

Another one of the basic things to know about the law is that many people qualify for personal injury compensation without knowing it. That’s why it’s best for an accident victim always to schedule a consultation with ta personal injury lawyer. Many victims find that they are eligible to collect compensation due to another party’s neglect. That party might be another driver, a doctor or psychiatrist, a product manufacturer, or a store or pet owner.

To qualify for personal injury, a victim must have two characteristics. He or she must have suffered an injury and financial loss. Also, the offender must have been neglectful, which must have caused the damage. Surgical procedures that go wrong often qualify for personal injury. Car drivers who disregard traffic laws or drive while intoxicated might also have to pay someone compensation. Many product manufacturers get taken to court because they fail to disclose harmful elements or ingredients their products have. As a result, some users get sick or develop a terminal illness.

Auto manufacturers can be taken to court because people get hurt while driving cars they should have recalled. A personal injury attorney handles these types of cases and tries to negotiate with the offending party first. If that doesn’t work, the next step is moving on to regular court proceedings. Personal injury attorneys usually represent their clients on a contingency basis and are eager to win cases since they don’t get paid unless they do.

Personal injury attorneys typically try to go for two different types of payments for their clients. One type is called compensatory damages, and it provides funds for medical expenses, living expenses, and lost work wages. The other kind of money is called punitive damages, which offers extra cash for those who have suffered extreme neglect. Those are some basic things to know about law.

8. Bankruptcy Is Common

One of the basic things to know about the law is that millions of people have overwhelming debt issues. Bankruptcy is common, and a good bankruptcy lawyer can help a consumer get back on the right track when underneath such debt. A debtor’s first meeting with a bankruptcy attorney will be to determine whether he or she is eligible for any chapter of bankruptcy. Individual debtors would most likely be looking at a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, while a business may need to evaluate a Chapter 11. The bankruptcy attorney will ensure that all the necessary paperwork is filed promptly so the individual can get relief from the crushing debt.

9. SSDI Helps With Disabilities

Anyone with a long-term disability will need finances to pay for their long-term care and expenses. That’s where a social security lawyer comes in. These specialists help when SSA claims go awry, and they do the best they can to get the decisions overturned in court. Claimants then receive retroactive pay for all the time they were waiting for such benefits. The lump sum distribution can help them get back on track if needed.

10. Criminals Need Representation

A criminal defense lawyer can help with a criminal charge of any size. These professionals can defend people for a number of crimes, including petty theft, assault, drug charges, robbery, and the like. Another one of the basic things to know about the law is that having legal representation for a crime can help immensely. For example, a defendant might be able to get his or her charge dropped to a lesser charge.

You now know some basic things to know about the law. You should feel confident that you have a lot of knowledge of the key areas of the legal field.

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