5 Things to do When Injured on The Job


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Workplace injuries are on the rise. In the year 2013 there were approximately 3,007,300 workplace injuries. Of these injuries falls, slips and trips accounted for approximately 229,190. Around 917,100 of these injuries necessitated some form of time off work. Getting injured on the job causes enough stress in itself. Stressing about medical bills and lost wages is not something that an injured employee should have to worry about. Here are some simple steps to follow in the event you are injured on the job.

Seek Medical Attention
You should seek medical attention immediately after your injury. Getting proper attention for any injuries you experienced because of the accident is crucial. Even if you feel as though there are no immediate injuries or immediate pain you should still be thoroughly checked.


Get documentation of the conditions involved with your accident. Take photos and get statements from other co-workers. Get names and phone numbers as well. Preserving information will benefit you later down the road in the event that you need an injury attorney.

Consider Why Your Injuries Happened

Along with documentation, deciding whether your injuries were a direct result of someone else’s mistake will help if you have to hire an injury lawyer. Determine whether faulty equipment or a defective product caused your accident. If you accident was due to a toxic substance or your employer’s intentional conduct then you could have a personal injury lawsuit case.

Decide When a Personal Injury Attorney is Necessary

There are certain times when it is evident that you will need the services of a personal injury attorney. If you believe you can no longer work a regular basis at any job, you require surgery, or you and your doctor believe that your health will not return to normal condition due to the injury then you should probably seek services from a personal injury attorney. Having your medical benefits denied, having your employer dispute your worker’s comp decision or not receiving correct benefits are other instances when a personal injury attorney can be beneficial.

Know Your Rights

Understand your rights when it comes to workplace injuries. No matter what the outcome of your worker’s comp claim; you are still entitled to obtain the services of a personal injury attorney for your injuries. Injuries that alter your normal way of life or cause permanent body impairment are cases where personal injury lawyers excel. They will work to ensure that you receive the proper benefits that you deserve and are entitled to. Personal injury lawyers can also help with filing social security benefits in the event your injuries keep you from working at all.

Knowing when to seek the services of a personal injury attorney will help when stress sets in and you find yourself not knowing where to turn. Not all cases require the assistance of a personal injury lawyer, but having proper information helps in the event that your case requires this. Carefully consider the extent of your injuries and the impact that it has on your overall quality of life before considering the services of a personal injury lawyer.

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