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Are You Afraid That A Public Defender May Not Provide the Help You Need?


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Your son has always looked like any other kid, but by fifth grade it became evident that his brain worked just a bit differently. In fact, if you asked him he would say that his brain was a weird, weird beast at times, something even he could not control.
Initially, creating a plan with several components that he could follow would help him get through his elementary school day. A card with “have to” statements that he could check off as he made his progress through the day, a large ball which served as an alternate seating option, therapy putty, noise canceling headphones, and a modified dismissal plan were in place. And, on most days, those components could help your son make his way successfully through his school day.
Small variations from his plan, however, could send him careening toward a meltdown. Beginning signs of this meltdown include headaches, picking his arms bloody, or worse. Observing this normal looking child, these meltdown signs did not seem to make any sense. If further aggravated, however, his behavior could include hitting, yelling, and banging into the wall or furniture. And while his meltdowns were often easily contained by an elementary school staff, as he got older and grew to a fairly large size, these meltdowns were frightening and sometimes dangerous.
Are You Facing a Frightening Legal Charge?
And now you are faced with the unthinkable. At the age of 22, your adult son, who still lives at home, has been charged with lewd and lascivious behavior. A scary charge as a result of a scary day.
On the day in question, your son’s triggers were all present. In a store room with loud sounds and lots of people, retail store managers tried to yell their directions to the concerned crowd. An unexpected tornado warning had sent the sirens blaring and your son, who was at work as a stock room worker, normally secluded from the crowd and obediently following directions to move heavy items onto shelves, became completely overwhelmed. For your son, someone who perceives the vision of blowing trees as too loud, the real sounds of heavy rain, thunder, and sirens became too much. The crowded store room where the customers had been placed for their safety made matters worse.
As someone tried to reach over and calm him with a gentle touch, your son lashed out. You are certain it was accidental, but as he struggles to stand up and escape the crowded space, he is accused of inappropriately touching two or three children as he tried to make his way out of the crowded store room. His enormous size and the obscenities he was screaming during his panic probably did not help matters.
And now, you find your self trying to help your son come up with an attorney who can craft a defense for charges of lewd and lascivious behavior and assault and battery. Finding an assault and battery attorney was difficult enough. Trying to find a criminal lawyer who can compassionately defend the lewd and lascivious charges is even more difficult. Building this defense without the removal of your son from your home is the scariest part of the process.
Special Charges in Special Circumstances Require the Work of a Carefully Selected Attorney
If you find yourself looking for a DUI lawyer, an appeals lawyer, or an attorney to help represent your loved one in an assault and battery charge, the person you hire can make a major difference in your future.
Interviewing attorneys and asking for compassionate representation is, however, likely better than relying on a court appointed attorney.

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