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The birth of a new baby should be a joyous occasion. If, however, a new birth is handled incorrectly or negligently, the miracle of a new baby can become a series of expensive medical procedures and, even worse, impairment or death. Did you know, for example, that seven babies out of 1,000 births will suffer a birth injury? Some injuries lead to cerebral palsy or Erb?s palsy, lifelong conditions that can cause great expense and, at times, great suffering. In fact, knowing that 28,000 per year are born with a birth injury, consider how this number breaks down:

  • 2,333 per month
  • 538 per week
  • 76 per day
  • 3 per hour

Imagine the pain and suffering these families have knowing that an injury at birth lead to a condition that will define the entire life of a child and his or her whole family. Imagine then the relief in finding a team of White Plains lawyers or Boston malpractice attorneys who can find ways to help compensate the family. Compensation for the lifelong expenses, the lifelong suffering, and, in many cases, the lifelong care needs of the injured child.
A birth injury lawyer is someone who specializes in meeting the needs and predicting the future needs of children born with cerebral palsy. Medical negligence lawsuits involve a special team of attorneys who are able to balance the needs and privacy of a family, while at the same time making sure that doctors and hospitals take responsibility for mistakes that they have made. While no family starts off thinking that they want to take legal action to receive a settlement, no family probably really understands how large of a financial burden some of these conditions can become. A malpractice lawyer does.
Instead of setting yourself, your child, and your entire family up for a life of unknown challenges and expenses, doesn’t it make sense to explore all of your options. If you can find the best lawyer, you might be surprised at the compensations they can find. Not just monetary, but also guarantees for continued coverage of care, therapy, and medications.
There will always be a need for attorneys. Whether it be White Plains lawyers looking out for the best interests of families with children who are victims of a medical malpractice suit or a team of New York City medical malpractice attorneys uncovering frightening negligence trends in a local hospital, as long as there are wrongdoings, parents will always need the best legal advice

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