Divorce What 3 warning signs to look out for


What is a uncontested divorce

Every day, hundreds of Americans exchange vows and dive into lives of holy matrimony. While our banquet halls are filled with brides, grooms and good intentions, divorce lawyers across the United States say that first marriages are ending in divorce at alarming rates – around 41 percent. So, what are some factors that lead to divorce papers?

1) Starting young.

Marriages that begin after college between individuals who are older and make more money tend to last than marriages that begin earlier, say divorce lawyers. When individuals have a chance to know and improve themselves before marrying, they are better communicators and partners. After all, divorce attorneys agree that communication problems account for the largest number of uncontested divorces.

2) High stress jobs.

Salespeople, podiatrists, nuclear engineers, optometrists and agricultural engineers more frequently divorce than any other jobs. What else do all of these professions have in common? They are all high stress jobs that are sought after by high achievers. Divorce for physicians, in particular, is usually very high. Speaking of high achievers, those who work long hours at any job could be souring their marriage.

3)Staying late at work.

In November, 2013 the The European Economic Review reported that women who spend more than 12 extra minutes at work per week average a one percent higher chance of marital breakdown. Women in the United States work longer hours than Europeans, putting American women at higher risk for the divorce process. Maintaining good work/life balance could ward the divorce lawyers off!

What tips do you have for avoiding a divorce — or what warning signs have you observed? Let us know in the comments.

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