Divorce What You NEED to Know


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Divorce. It is a dreaded but unfortunately common reality for couples throughout the country and the world. In the United States alone, the likelihood of a first marriage to end in divorce is approximately 41%. The third marriage, if one ever reaches it, has a 73% chance of ending in divorce!

Seeking a divorce attorney or a custody lawyer to aid in the divorce process — with the unrelenting string of trials, divorce papers, divorce advice, and child custody procedures — is critical to a proper, amicable divorce. It can be a tricky and painful process, and varies by circumstance and profession. A divorce for physicians, for example, can be quite different from a divorce for business owners. In fact, salespeople, optometrists, podiatrists, nuclear engineers, and agricultural engineers are the most prone to divorce than any other professionals. However, any man or woman is susceptible to divorce. This is precisely why hiring a good custody lawyer is key to any divorce proceedings.

The average length of time from the initial file of divorce to the final court proceedings is about one year. It is a taxing, exhaustive procedure, which is exactly why one needs a good divorce lawyer — a custody lawyer in particular if children are involved. It’s important to have questions to ask a divorce lawyer, and to know how to find a divorce lawyer. Again, if children are involved, it’s important to find the right custody lawyer, too.

Though a marriage is more likely to last if the couple is older, well-educated, and wealthy, no one is immune to divorce in today’s day and age. It has gotten so bad that, as it turns out, April is not the cruelest month. That distinction belongs to February, which (perhaps ironically) sees the most filings for divorce than any other month. A study conducted by the University of Florence concluded that marital infidelity conducted outside of home can be lethal, as it is correlated with a “higher risk of a major cardiovascular event,” such as a heart-attack. This is all the more reason to find that proper custody lawyer you can trust.

Divorces can be and are often ugly, brutish, and emotionally traumatic. It can be a tragedy. However, if you and your spouse finds it necessary, divorce must be conducted by trained professionals to reach the best-possible settlement.

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