Some Of The Weirdest Lawsuits of All Time


Pedestrian traffic accidents

In the wake of Donald Trump’s $500 million lawsuit against Univision for refusing to air the Miss USA pageant, here are some really bizarre lawsuits for the books that will make you want to file some personal injury lawsuits. (For busting a gut!)

Let Me In!

A woman who refused to pay the $3.50 cover charge for a nightclub decided her night wasn’t over. So, naturally, she tried to climb in the bathroom window. But when she managed to get in, she immediately slipped and knocked out her two front teeth. She hit the nightclub with some personal injury lawsuits and walked away with $12,000 and a new set of teeth. That personal injury lawyer may have received some personal injuries from the club owners.

I Can’t Believe This Is Happening to Me

After she killed a man in a snowmobile accident, a woman sued the man’s widow for emotional damages. She claimed that she was traumatized by having to witness the death… of the widow’s late-husband. No word on whether or not she won, but it sounds like she may need a drunk driving attorney. (If you catch my snow-drift.)

Sick Burn
While trespassing on private property, two teenage boys touched an uninsulated wire and received some nasty burns. They also received burn injury compensation in the amount of $24.2 million. So who really got burned here?

Let Me Out!

While robbing a house, a man decided to leave through the garage. Unfortunately, the garage door malfunctioned, and he was trapped in there for eight days because the house’s owners were on vacation. When they returned, the man sued them for $500,000, claiming he’d experienced depression and mental anguish from being locked inside. (Maybe he needs a brain injury settlement?)

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