Three Helpful Tips for Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer


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Having a lawyer to help you navigate the legal system is important for the positive outcome of your case, but finding one is often just as stressful as the reason you need to find one is — especially if you’ve been injured and medical bills are piling up while you’re unable to work. Here are a few easy tips for locating a personal injury lawyer.

Use an Online Directory
Using the internet is the easiest place to start locating a personal injury lawyer. There are a number of different directories that will allow you to search based on different criteria. The first thing you should probably filter by is practice area, since that is the most important. If you’re filing a personal injury lawsuit, you’re going to need to look for personal injury lawyers. Then narrow by geographic location as much as possible to find the lawyers closest to you.

Ask Other Legal Professionals
If you don’t have any luck with an online directory or if you end yup with a huge pool of candidates, ask other legal professionals for their advice, if you know any. Usually people who work in the same field have at least knowledge of other people who work in it when they’re in the same area. Drop a few names and see if they know anything about them.

Ask People You Know
If you don’t know any legal professionals, start asking people you know for references or if they know anything about a potential candidate. You might want to start with family, since they are the closest to you and might have your best interests most in mind out of all of the people you know. If that doesn’t help, start asking friends and friends of friends for references. By this point you should have been able to narrow down the list or added a few promising candidates.

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