Three of the Worst Mistakes People Can Make When Looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer


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Every year in the United States, 31 million injuries that require medical attention are sustained. Some of these are a result of someone else’s negligence, which gives the injured party grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit. In many cases, it’s worthwhile to hire an attorney for counsel and representation for the claim, but looking for a personal injury lawyer can be as stressful as any other aspect of the case. Here are three common mistakes that people make when they’re looking for a personal injury lawyer.

1. Hiring Outside of Their Geographic Area
A common mistake that people make when they are hiring a personal injury lawyer is hiring one outside of their geographic area. This is a mistake for two main reasons. The first is that laws and guidelines change with locations, so someone outside of the proper jurisdiction may not be completely familiar with the right ones. Secondly, good communication with a lawyer is key to the success of a case, and hiring someone outside of the area may be hard to see in person.

2. Hiring the First Lawyer They Come Across
Sometimes when people are looking for a personal injury lawyer they’re mostly interested in getting the process over with, which can tempt them into hiring the first lawyer they find. This is a mistake because having a lawyer can dramatically affect the outcome of your case, and the right lawyer depends on a few different things, like experience, area of practice, and good communications skills. It’s unlikely that the first lawyer a person comes across will be the perfect match, and it’s always good practice to seek out a couple just for comparison purposes.

3. Hiring a Lawyer With the Wrong Expertise
Again, people sometimes try to rush the process of finding a lawyer, so they hire one who isn’t quite right for the job. A huge mistake people make is hiring a lawyer that isn’t experienced in the right area of practice. If a person has a personal injury case, of course, he or she is going to need a personal injury lawyer, but there are even different types of personal injury (like medical malpractice, slip and falls, and product liability). Finding the one with the right expertise is essential.

Have you ever made any of these mistakes when hiring a personal injury lawyer? Let us know in the comments.
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