Two Reasons to Seek Legal Help When You Have Been Caught Drinking and Driving


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Did you know that more than one million people in Ohio have at least one conviction for drunk driving? However, the law does not take kindly to driving while impaired, so if you have been caught drinking and driving, you must immediately seek help from a federal criminal defense lawyer. By doing so, you can prevent the law from taking advantage of your illegal offense.

– Fighting for your rights in court. The best criminal defense attorney will help you understand your rights so that you can fight your case in court. For instance, if you are facing DUI charges, you have the right to contact witnesses and analyze police video in order to help your case. In addition, even if you have already submitted to a blood alcohol test, you are sometimes able to challenge the results. This means that by exercising these rights, you will improve your chances of getting a fair trial.

– Plea bargaining. Federal criminal defense lawyers will also help you plea bargain in order to get you a lesser charge. For example, you may be able to plea bargain for a “wet reckless” charge, which is essentially a conviction of driving recklessly with alcohol. This type of charge not only has fewer consequences than a DUI, but it also prevents you from having a criminal record, as well. In fact, a DUI conviction will give you a criminal record, and this will negatively affect your future when it comes time to apply for a job or bank loan. As a result, you must avoid a DUI conviction at all costs.

When you have been caught drinking and driving, you must immediately seek help from a criminal defense firm. This is because federal criminal defense lawyers will help you fight for your rights in court, and they will also attempt to plea bargain on your behalf. By offering these services, the best defense attorney will help put the law on your side. Check out this site for more:

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