What Tracy Morgan’s Struggles Can Teach Us About the Aftermath of Fatal Truck Accidents


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Almost one year ago, actor Tracy Morgan was involved in one of the most publicized fatal truck accidents in years when a Walmart tractor trailer hit the limo carrying him and several passengers. Although Morgan made it out alive, a fellow comedy writer and friend, James McNair, died in the accident. As for Morgan, he has had a long road to recovery ahead of him after breaking a leg and several ribs and experienced a severe traumatic brain injury. He has stayed mostly silent and away from the public eye while healing.

Morgan finally gave an interview nearly one year after the June 7, 2014, accident. He explained that he wants to come back to comedy in the future but still needed the time to heal. Many speculated after the tragedy on whether or not he would ever be the same — not only due to his injuries but also after losing such a close friend.

The event can teach us a lot about fatal truck accidents and their aftermath. Semi truck accidents can be devastating, and they can result in months or even years of hardship for those affected. Morgan’s accident leaves us with the following lessons:

Determining fault for the accident can sometimes be tricky. In Morgan’s case, Walmart admitted full responsibility for the accident — something that doesn’t always happen in auto accidents. The driver who had hit Morgan’s vehicle had not slept for more than 24 hours, trying to make a deadline. He had also been traveling 20 miles over the speed limit. Not only is speeding a key factor in many fatal truck accidents, but so is a lack of active safety technology. The American Trucking Association estimates that just 10% of trucks on the road have the necessary technology to make tractor trailer driving safer, which can arise in a number of workplace safety issues.

Dealing with grief. For Morgan, one of the hardest parts of recovering was finding out what had happened to McNair. “He was a good man,” he told the Today Show. “It’s just hard for me to see that he’s gone.” Friends and family who have lost a loved one in an accident are often left dealing with the legal consequences of such incidents. Those who may have also been in a vehicle struck by a semi truck may have their own injuries and recovery to deal with, as well.

Having a qualified personal injury attorney is key. The case for Morgan, along with McNair’s surviving family members, wouldn’t have been easy and could have taken even longer with a qualified truck accident attorney on their side. However, not everyone has to be a millionaire superstar to have a good lawyer. Individuals who have been affected by the aftermath of a fatal truck accident can look for attorneys who have a proven track record of successes in and out of court.

Do you have questions about dealing with grief or recovery after a truck accident? Be sure to contact a lawyer and leave a comment below.

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