When You Are in Need of a Divorce Attorney


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In America, the rate of divorce is higher than you may have imagined. The divorce rate of a first marriage is around 41%, around 60% for a second, and 73% for a third. Men and women, according to statistics, tend to get divorces right around the age of 30. There are many reasons why a marriage could end in divorce, even if you would have never expected it. Some of these reasons include communication problems, infidelity, financial problems, abuse, and loss of interest in your partner. If you’re looking for divorce advice you can’t get anywhere else, or for a custody lawyer when children are involved, contact a divorce lawyer today that cares about your case.

When Your Divorce Involves Complicated Aspects

There are many reasons why a divorce can become a complicated matter. For instance, if your divorce involves children, these are things that must be taken to heart to consider the best interests of your children before moving forward. You want what’s best for your children, which is why you should always consider a custody schedule that integrates plenty of time with both parents. We can sit down and explain legal and physical custody scenarios with you as well as talk about mediation for child custody as an option that will keep the stakes low cause you less stress than any other type of divorce situation.

Your children are one of the most important aspects of your divorce, which is why a child custody attorney will ultimately be helpful in your case. Children of divorced parents have higher rates of dropping out of school as well as being less likely to attend college in the future. By finding a way to keep their childhood normal despite the divorce, you are doing them a favor that will follow them through life. Each year in the U.S. over one million children have parents who will go through some type of separation, and these numbers could very well increase in the years to come.

If you are looking for a divorce lawyer who can handle every aspect of your life, from child custody matters, to asset division, alimony, and so much more, look no further. We can help you today.

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