The Top Five Car Safety Tips To Keep In Mind For This Winter Season


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A little car safety can mean the difference between life and death.

Buckling up before pulling out of the driveway can keep you from getting a concussion when you unexpectedly back into a speeding vehicle. Calling a taxi for your buzzed friend at the end of the night can keep both them and others safe over the next few hours. Operating a vehicle is a massive responsibility and one that is only fruitful when we take extra care to make sure everything is running smoothly in our lives. When you have to contact a car accident attorney? You might feel like a failure.

Whether you need the aid of a car accident lawyer or want to know a few safe driving tips for winter, the list below is for you.

Take Your Vehicle To The Car Shop

Have you had your car checked by a professional this year? If the answer is ‘no’, you’re overdue for a check-up. Vehicle negligence is one of the leading causes of car crashes in the country and one caused by owners putting off their visit to the shop. Vehicle negligence can include failing to having your tires rotated, operating with worn-out breaks or failing to install your winter tires in time. You may find a need to contact a car accident attorney if you suspect vehicle negligence is to blame for your crash, as this is a serious offense that could be taken to court.

Make Sure Your Winter Tires Are Installed

This can’t be stressed enough once the snow starts to hit. The roads are treacherous enough without adding slush, frost and black ice into the mix. Although the late summer holds the current record for most car crashes in the United States, winter follows behind at a very close second. Winter tires are designed to help you traverse slippery terrain and they make it much easier to successfully break at the last second. Many dealers (and some insurance plans) will offer discounts for drivers who insist on getting all four winter tires in advance.

Resist The Urge To Text, Call Or Change The Radio Dial

You are likely familiar with drunk driving. What about distracted driving? Just like it says on the tin, distracted driving is the common vernacular for drivers attempting to operate a vehicle while multi-tasking. Also known as ‘visual-manual subtasks’, these simple actions can have disastrous consequences for you and other people on the open road. These include reaching for your phone, texting, calling a friend, changing the radio dial, eating food and talking to children in the back seat. Studies have shown over 600,000 drivers will manipulate electronic devices at any given daylight moment in America.

Take All Alcohol Consumption Seriously

It’s never just ‘one beer’. Even a minor amount of alcohol can impair your higher brain function and slow down your reaction time, leaving you at an increased risk for a crash that could cause serious injury. Every two minutes in America sees a person hurt in a drunk driving crash and the year 2015 saw over 10,000 people killed due to drunk driving. Safe driving habits include calling a taxi for yourself or a friend when alcohol is involved or waiting multiple hours for those drinks at the bar to wear off. With a little extra precaution we could all save thousands of lives every year.

Contact A Car Accident Attorney For Help

Why face the aftermath of a wreck alone? A car accident attorney or personal injury attorney can assist you regarding legal (and sometimes medical) matters to help you recover from the accident faster. This is especially prudent if drunk driving or vehicle negligence might have been involved in the crash. Although car accidents constitute a significant chunk of all cases in the country, a mere 4% to 5% will actually go to trial for personal injury settlements. Keep in mind that some states have a shorter time limit for filing than others. The state of Tennessee’s statute of limitations, for examples, states you can only file in a year or less.

2018 is just around the corner. How will you practice better driving safety?

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