Why Should You Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney?


Worker compensation lawyer

When do you need a workmans comp lawyer? This is a central question in an ever-growing debate about workers compensation, when you have a case, and how workers compensation attorneys can help you. The answers to these questions vary, of course, but the fact is that the downplaying of the importance of workers compensation is a part of a bigger problem: that is, employers who don?t want to take responsibility for the injuries their employees suffer on the job. Realizing that you have rights and making that call to a workers compensation lawyer is your first step towards getting the recognition and compensation that you deserve.

When Do You Need A Workmans Comp Lawyer?

The question of ?when do you need a workmans comp lawyer? is easy to answer. You need a workmans compensation attorney when you?ve been denied compensation or penalized due to an on the job injury. Some employers have denied their employees compensation because they claim that they lack a legal right to it; this is unlikely. As of 2011, 125.8 million different employees were covered by workers compensation laws. That workers compensation should cover 100% of medical costs for injured workers, as well as giving out cash benefits for lost work. The waiting period for this compensation should be only 3 to 7 days. Once denied these benefits, you should call a workers compensation law firm.

Why Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Some believe that they?re better off fighting for workers compensation on their own. While taking on your employer by yourself is an option, a lawyer is qualified and ready to defend you ? it?s literally their job. And you cannot trust that your employer will end up giving you compensation, no matter how much you initially trusted them. The Bureau of Labor Statistics? 2010 National Compensation Survey reported that workers compensation costs represented only 1.6% of employer spending overall, despite the fact that 2013 in turn saw 917,100 occupational injuries and illnesses that resulted in employees missing work.

What Kind Of Injuries Require Workers Compensation?

Again, any injury or illness related to work that results in medical bills and a certain amount of lost pay requires workers compensation. That includes everything from a broken back to a sprained ankle. Yes, even bronchitis can be covered under workers compensation. But remember that these issues can be quite serious. Those that suffer from chronic illnesses due to work hazards deserve to be compensated for the work they?re missing, don?t they?

The bottom line is that you shouldn?t feel undeserving of workers comp, no matter how serious or temporary your injury or illness is. If you became hurt or sick due to your work, it?s not your fault, and an attorney is there to make sure you get what you deserve.

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