Effective Neutral Mediation Can Be Quicker Than Court, Faster Resolution Times


Mock trials

Sometimes, especially during non-violent civil lawsuits, the parties involved may choose to consult a court-approved, effective neutral mediator — often retired attorneys or judges — in order to resolve the case out of court.

Mediation settlements, sometimes held as mock trials, can avoid the extensive costs often associated with court cases. The lack of attorney fees and the ability to speak directly to the opposing party or parties are both reasons that an effective neutral mediator may be asked to become involved with a case.

Also, mediation services provide a higher level of confidentiality than the typical court proceeding. For the most part, what is expressed by both parties during a mediation session is not recorded in the way that court testimony is.

Parties can set limits on how long they are willing to engage in mediation, and typically a quicker resolution time is achieved through mock trial hearings that engage an arbitration service. Usually, both parties have a firm say in the outcome, which is finalized by the mediator after everyone has agreed upon the proper resolution.

Retired judges and experienced lawyers are both qualified parties for alternative dispute resolution services. For many bankruptcies, especially those with multiple creditors and where the law is complex with regards to the case, mediation is a viable alternative to a court trial.

Standard mediation services may be researched with the help of a firm that specializes in matching individuals or companies with the appropriate representation. Often, these companies can address issues of timing, financing, and resources and may be a reliable way to engage standard mediation services.

There are over 1 million bankruptcies filed every year by individuals and corporations, and many more nonviolent civil lawsuits. Many of these can be resolved somewhat amicably by professional mediators outside of the court, and many debtors and complainants do choose to have their case resolved by an experienced, effective neutral mediator.

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